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About John Woodland

With over 25 years experience as a professional luthier, Minneapolis-based designer John Woodland began drawing out the now multi-patented design of the Mastery Bridge in April of 2008. Originally intended solely for Woodland’s road-weary clients, Mastery has since played its part in revolutionizing the guitar industry by shifting the focus to independent builders who promote brand image through the quality of the instruments they create.

Prior to creating Mastery, Woodland, a noted American guitar historian, spent the better part of a decade studying primary source material on the origin of C. F. Martin’s Dreadnought and Orchestra Model guitars, forever correcting decades old misinformation on some of the most iconic guitar designs of the last century. He has designed six production model Martin guitars, including the Martin 00-DB Jeff Tweedy model. A consultant to major musical instrument museums and Christie’s auction house, he also contributed to “The Story of Paul Bigsby” book as one of four key consultants, stemming from a lifelong passion to correct and publish Paul Bigsby’s incredible history and influence on the modern electric guitar as we know it.

You can read more about the trials and tribulations of Woodland’s life with and without the guitar in this article of American Interest Magazine

Woodland inspects John Lennon’s 1962 Martin D-28, the guitar Lennon used all throughout the 1970s and on his last live performance.
Photo by Zoran Orlic.

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