About the Mastery Vibrato

Mastery Vibratos feature our unique arm housing that is machined from a single block of solid stainless steel and has an internal stainless steel spring plunger that allows you to adjust the stiffness of the vibrato’s arm rotation to your preference. The arm housing is threaded into our spot welded doubler/string plate and is secured by a self-locking cone point set screw into the doubler plate. The arm itself is vintage-spec brake formed (not curved) with zero free play and has a threaded outer end with parchment tip included. No internal nylon plastic components are used.

The fulcrum, doubler and string plate feature vintage-spec metal thicknesses and are un-plated solid stainless steel to ensure edge and thickness accuracy.


All of our products are luthier-designed and precision machined of the highest quality, non-corrosive materials in Minneapolis, MN.

* Mastery Vibrato arms and components are unique to the Mastery Vibrato unit and are not sold separately.

*Please refer to our Facebook and Twitter page for release updates.

Mastery Bridge Testimonials

“The form and function of Mastery hardware dovetails perfectly with Collings aesthetic and quality standards.”
– Bill Collings, Collings Guitars

“BilT Guitars has been using Mastery products since 2008. Any BilT offset with a vibrato will be Mastery or it won’t be at all.”
– Tim Thelen, BiLT Guitars

“I was never much of a vibrato user until the Mastery Vibrato existed. Now, I install them on most of my guitars and always recommend them over everything else out there.”
– Paul Rhoney, Rhoney Guitars

“The only offset vibrato I use for Novo Guitars is Mastery – it truly is the best option.”
– Dennis Fano, Novo Guitars

Offset Vibrato Specs

Our luthier designed and multi-patent issued hardware is crafted and assembled in Minneapolis, MN, using the finest materials available. Each individual unit is inspected and tested before being shipped to you, to ensure the best possible performance. Every part of our vibrato is precision machined out of the highest quality, non-corrosive materials to protect against any rust. Because we are currently such a small shop, Mastery hardware is only available through this website and is not available through any other online retailer in the USA. Please look over the specs of the various parts that go into the Mastery Vibrato below.


Notes & Tips

Fulcrum Plate

String Plate Cutout

Valve Spring

{OMV} Offset Mastery Vibrato

{MV} Mastery Vibrato

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